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How To Download ROMs for Android Emulators

If you’ve been directed here that mean you already have an emulator installed and need to find some games. If you haven’t downloaded an emulator yet, you should to that part first. Check out our How To Guides page.

Now that our emulator is all installed we need some ROMs. This is the tricky part. See by distributing ROMs I may be breaking some laws, in fact I put myself in a precarious place even linking to them. I feel very strongly ethically and morally that since these products are by and large long sense discontinued that ROMs are completely fine to use. Others may disagree, but this is how I feel about it. So the best thing I can do is point everyone in the right direction. Open a new browser window or tab and go to your favorite search engine. Ready? Search for “x ROMs” where x is the name of the system or specific game you’re looking for. Sites you find here are going to be riddled with ads, that’s fine.

Alternatively you can look in the market for apps that download ROMs. I have never used these before but people seem to be getting results with them so they’re worth a look. Game Hunter seems to be the most popular one today.

If you downloaded ROMs using a PC:

Connect your device to the computer using the USB wire. You’ll probably want the ROMs on an SD card, but if you have ample onboard storage that will work as well. Create a folder somewhere on the card/drive named something like “Games” or “ROMs”. Inside that folder create subdirectories for each type of game you have ROMs for. This is not completely necessary, but it helps keep your games in order. Go to the folder you downloaded your games to (on the PC) and then move them to the appropriate folder you created on your mobile device. Once they’re all in place you can disconnect.

If you downloaded ROMs using your phone/tablet:

You have an option whether you want to organize your ROMs or not. If you only have a couple I would say it isn’t worth it, but if you have more, I would consider creating folders for them within a directory in the device and moving them there similar to the instructions above for those that downloaded the ROMs via PC. It’s your choice, but make sure you know where the ROMs are at least because the emulator will be asking for that at launch.

Keeping ROMs well organized will help when you want to backup files or change devices.


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