Final Fantasy Dimensions Walkthrough

This is still completely in progress, but I'm tacking new pieces onto it every couple days. Already well into the game, feel free to ask questions in the comments on the videos or here in the comments and I'll answer and quickly as possible. Enjoy!

The Short History of Pixel Freak

Ok... time to change directions. Let's start with a story......

Alien Vs Predator: Good Brawler, So-So Overall Game

While not the first AVP game to hit the market this year AVP: Evolution seems to be the favorite thus far. This is mostly due to the poor response for those that have played the console game AVP: Colonial Marines. After all the hype and delays Colonial Marines saw, and underwhelming release has given the game a place in the video game halls of infamy.

Towelfight 2 Launches into Epicness

As previously mentioned Towelfight 2 was released on Android and iOS yesterday and it seems to be doing rather well. That's really no surprise after my hands on experience with the game that was nothing short of amazing. At a high level the games plays and is laid out very similarly to The Binding of Isaac, though the similarities end once you've scratched the surface.


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